Bandai RG 1/144 RX-93-2 Hi-Nu Gundam Model Kit


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Disclaimer: The images are for illustration purposes. The images are CG representations based on developmental design data. The package, logos, and product specifications may change without notice.

Action Base Sold Separately

The RX-93-2 Hi-Nu Gundam that appears in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika's Children" will finally be available as a kit with details and realistic aspects based on a new interpretation!

Product Feature:

  • The Multi-link System, a system where armor parts slide in conjunction with movements in each of the joints, has been implemented. The covers on the calves slide to reveal the internal frames. The legs have a wide range of articulation, and the knees can be posed to be placed stably on the ground.

  • The upper section of the base of the waist can swing up and down to create dynamic poses. Attachment joints are placed on the waist armor, resulting in a design where the legs can move without interference.

  • Each of armor parts slide a part of gimmicks where the mechanical internal frames are revealed. The hand also has a gimmick where the Beam Gun extends in conjunction with the hand when it is pushed down.

  • The parts in the nape move in conjunction with articulation.

  • The containers have gimmicks where the Funnels can be widely spread out like wings.

  • The Advanced MS Joint enables the Funnels to be displayed in firing positions.
  • Beam Rifle *1
  • New Hyper Bazooka *1
  • Shield *1
  • Beam saber (Handles *3 , Beam blade *2)
  • Hand parts (left and right) *3 each
  • Weapon holding hand (right) *1
  • Realistic decals *1

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