Bandai Tamashii Nations Hi-Metal R Scope Dog Red Shoulder Custom Action Figure


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Bandai brings us an incredible new "HI-METAL R" action figure -- the Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom from "Armored Trooper Votoms"! It's equipped with a number of movable alloy joints with a focus on action -- it can even get into its boarding pose, and hold its machine gun in both hands! A posable figure of Kiriko is also included; he can board the highly detailed cockpit, and he comes with two interchangeable heads. The appeal of this mech is its excessive armament, including rocket pods, solid arm shooters, missile launchers, and side Gatling guns. This figure can also be changed to a normal Scopedog by replacing the shoulders and removing the weapon. This is the kind of amazing toy you dreamed about as a child.

[Figure Size]: Approximately 16.5cm tall
[Materials]: ABS, PVC, die-cast

[Set Contents]:

Main figure
Spare antenna
Interchangeable hands (left and right, x2 each)
Interchangeable left shoulder armor (Red Shoulder)
Heavy machine gun
Arm solid shooter
Side Gatling gun
Control box
Rocket pod
Missile launcher
Magazine (x2)
Short barrel for recombination
Kiriko figure (with interchangeable hands [x1 left, x2 right], replacement heads (x2), special base)

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