Bandai 30 Minutes Missions 30MM ARMORED CORE Ⅵ FIRES OF RUBICON SCHNEIDER NACHTREIHER/40E Steel Haze Model Kit (ETA Q4 2024)


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Action Base sold separately

Items from "ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON" are being released as part of the 30 MINUTES MISSIONS series.

Based on the key concepts of the series, "simple assembly" and "customizable play," the AC "Steel Haze," piloted by V.IV Rusty, makes its appearance.

  • Each part, including the head, core, arms, and legs, adopts the series' common structure, allowing you to enjoy "assembly" similar to the in-game experience with a plastic model kit.
  • The attachment of both shoulder weapons and some left-hand weapons uses 3mm joints, allowing for various assemblies.
  • The "Vvc-774LS" comes with interchangeable parts to reproduce its deployed state.
  • A "Weapon Hanger" for the left shoulder, allowing the attachment of hand weapons to the shoulder, is included.


  • Steel Haze Weapons ×1 set
  • Vvc-774LS Deployment Reproduction Parts ×1 set
  • Seal ×1

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