Bandai 30 Minute Mission 30MM eEXM GIG-C02 Provedel (type- Command 02) Model Kit


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Action Base sold separately

This item only includes eEXM GIG-C02 Provedel (type-Command 02) Model Kit

In addition to being the largest "30Minutes Missions" (30MM) item in the lineup so far, Provedel features "ride-on customization" that allows you to attach existing items! The head parts are newly shaped; the figure is equipped with a transformation gimmick that allows you to switch between the EXMAX riding form and REX form. In the EXMAX riding mode, you can connect the included backpack and varnish tube to existing items. The included heavy beam magnum can be disassembled and connected to the boarding section. The holding power of the arm and leg joints is now improved by a sandwich structure; you can also create a 3mm axis by attaching the polycap that comes with separately sold items. A runner with a set of multi-joints essential for customization, such as 3mm joints, C-type joints, and detail cover parts, is included too. 

[Size]: Approximately 20cm tall when completed


Heavy beam magnum
Hand parts: open hands (left and right), grip hands (left and right)
Backpack for boarding
Ride relay parts
Varnish tube (x2)
Lead wire (x2)
Multi-joints (x1 set)

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