Bandai 30 Minutes Sisters THE iDOLMASTER Shiny Color Option Body Parts Alpha Sisters Phantasm 1 [Color A] Model Kit


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This item only includes a set of Option Body Parts Alpha Sisters Phantasm 1 [Color A] Model Kit

Original costumes from the collaboration between THE iDOLM@STER SHINY COLORS and 30MS are now available as optional body parts!

The set includes 30MS original "costume", arms, legs and hand parts.
Can be combined with the separately sold "30MS Sakuragi Mano" and other existing 30MS series figures.

The 30MS original special costume features clear parts and asymmetrical design by Fumikane Shimada. Two selectable breast designs are included.
The skin parts have been matted to the surface of the mold for a soft, light-reflective effect.

Comes with three hand parts (left and right) in black and white to match the microphone and costume of the original design.
3mm holes and pins for joints are installed in various parts of the costume, and a microphone and other parts combined with holder parts can be attached.

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