Bandai 30 Minutes Sisters THE iDOLMASTER Shiny Color Option Body Parts Beyond The Blue Sky 1 [Color A] Model Kit


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This item only includes a set of Option Body Parts Beyond The Blue Sky 1
[Color A] Model Kit

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From THE iDOLM@STER SHINY COLORS, "BEYOND THE BLUE SKY" costumes of idols belonging to 283 (TSUBASA) PRODUCTION are now available as optional body parts!

The chest parts of the costumes are made up of parts that have been carefully designed to the limit, and can be assembled as is to recreate the colorful coloring and precise details. 3 different forms can be assembled selectively.

The small wings on her back are also reproduced in the form of parts.

The heart on the chest is plastic sealed for a clear texture.

The skirt expresses the wavy shape with a sheet printed with a pattern. Some parts are made of smoke clear material with lame.

Selectable "leg parts" can be combined to express two different heights.

The skin parts are made of matte finish material, which gives the figure a soft and light-reflective effect.

In addition to hand parts with facial expression, hand parts can hold a microphone is included three types.

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