Bandai 30 Minutes Sisters 30MS SIS-A00 Tyesha (Color B) Model Kit


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Disclaimer: The images are for illustration purposes. The images are CG representations based on developmental design data. The package, logos, and product specifications may change without notice.

This item only includes a set of 30MS SIS-A00 Tyesha (Color B). 

  • All-in-one item that includes Tyesha body, three types of face parts, and armor parts.

  • The parts are arranged on the runner in pursuit of "optimum" ease of assembly and work flow, allowing for smooth assembly.

  • Face parts, hair style parts and body parts will be released in various styles as product line up. You can create your favorite sisters by assembling with separately sold parts.

  • Tampo printing is used for the face parts. You can enjoy replacing the face parts in adjunct to different scene set up.

  • Various optional parts (sold separately) can be attached to create a more "customized" figure. You can enjoy the customization process.

  • 3mm holes and pegs are used and compatible with the 30 MINUTES series. Parts of "30 MINUTES MISSIONS" can be attached as options. ("30 MINUTES MISSIONS" kit is for the age of 8 and up.)

  • Accessories
    • Sword x 1
    • Shield x 1
    • Face parts x 3
    • Armor parts x 1 set
    • Hand parts: grip hands (left and right), weapon holding hands  (left and right)

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