Bandai Full Mechanics 1/100 GAT-X252 Forbidden Gundam Model Kit


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Disclaimer: The images are for illustration purposes. The images are CG representations based on developmental design data. The package, logos, and product specifications may change without notice.

Action Base sold separately

From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED," the Forbidden Gundam, equipped with a transformation mechanism, has been brought to life in a 1/100 Full Mechanics model with the latest arrangements and structures!

  • Pursuing a mechanical design with meticulous detailing while maintaining ease of assembly.

  • Mechanical shaping with a sense of density, extending to the moldings inside the exhaust ports and under the armor.

  • The blade parts of the "Jūfun Shuren" (Heavy Decapitation Scythe) "Needs Hag" depict differences in texture through two types of surface finishes.

  • The energy cable extending from the backpack is reproduced using the included vinyl tube.

  • The Energy Deflection Armor "Geschmeidig Panzer" has flexible articulation in the arm section, and the shield can be deployed.

  • The connection point of the backpack features multiple axes, allowing adjustments to various angles of movement.

  • The collar area moves in conjunction with the rotation of the chest intake block. With a structure that allows the head to sink in accordance with movement, the backpack can move without interference and transform into high-speed assault form with minimal motion.

  • The deployment of the 88mm railgun "Ekstern", and the rotation of the magnetic field generator that alters the trajectory of the Freseberg can also be achieved. Convincing action scenes are reproduced with delicate execution.

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