Bandai Macross Plus HG 1/100 YF-21 (Guld Goa Bownman use) Model Kit


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Action Base sold separately

The fourth installment in the HG "Macross" plastic model series brings to life another protagonist from "Macross Plus," the YF-21, which engaged in a fierce competition for the next-generation main unit alongside the YF-19.

It adopts the "exchange-type three-stage transformation (shortcut change)" by using replacement parts in some areas to simplify the transformation sequence. This allows for the HG series' ease of assembly, wide range of articulation, and refined forms of each mode.

Reproduces the Gerwalk, Fighter, and Battroid modes, as well as the distinctive form and "limiter release" mode.

The head can achieve detailed expressions thanks to the movable axis at the base of the neck and ball joints.

The shoulder area ensures a wide range of movement by allowing the duct parts and shoulder joints to articulate.

The chest achieves extensive movement in forward, backward, left, and right directions by incorporating multiple pivot movements.

The canopy, made using polarization molding, can be opened and closed.
Includes effect parts for reproducing the "pinpoint barrier punch."

Comes with nameplate decals that provide excellent concealment despite their ultra-thin design.

By using the included joint parts, it is possible to display the model on a separately sold action base even in "limiter release" mode.


Gun pods ×2
Gun pod storage state parts ×2
Effect parts ×1
Landing gear ×1 set
Parts for reproducing fighter mode ×1 set
Joint parts ×1 set
Hand parts ×1 set
Nameplate decals ×2

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