Bandai MG 1/100 Dom Model Kit


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Disclaimer: The images are for illustration purposes. The images are CG representations based on developmental design data. The package, logos, and product specifications may change without notice.

Action Base sold separately

From "Mobile Suit Gundam", the ever-popular "MG 1/100 Dom" has been upgraded with new molds and updated parts!

The exterior parts such as the waist and arms have been improved with new molds. In particular, the arms have been reshaped so that the connection between the shoulders and forearms looks natural, and the joint structure of the elbows has also been renewed.

A forward swing mechanism has been implemented at the connection between the shoulders and torso. The impressive pose of the Giant Buzz is now smoothly achieved by reducing interference between the various parts of the figure.

The hip joints have a new swinging movable structure. The leg range of motion has been greatly expanded with the addition of a movable axis at the thigh joint and updated side armor at the waist.

The internal ankle frame has been modified to reproduce Dom's characteristic bent-over pose.


  • Heat saber × 1
  • Giant Bazzoka× 1
  • Raceten Bazzoka × 1
  • Sturm Faust × 2
  • 90mm machine gun × 1

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