Bandai MG 1/100 Gundam Virtue Model Kit


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The Gundam Virtue, the Gundam piloted by Tieria Erde in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, finally joins the MG series lineup! The Gundam Virtue’s most iconic feature, the transition into the Gundam Nadleeh, can be recreated. The kit is full of various gimmicks, and its proportions have been re-considered under MG series standards. A wide
range of armaments such as the GN Bazooka and Gundam Nadleeh Beam Rifle are included.

  • GN Cannons ×2 
  • GN Bazooka ×1
  • GN Shield ×1 
  • GN Beam Sabers ×2
  • GN Beam Rifle ×1
  • GN Beam Rifle effect part ×1
  • GN Drive ×1 
  • Solar Reactor ×1
  • Figures ×3 types Foil stickers ×1
  • Marking stickers ×1
  • Polypropylene Sheet ×1

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