Kotobukiya 1/100 Knights of Sidonia Tsugumori (ETA Q3 2022)


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The images are for illustration purposes. The images are CG representations based on developmental design data. The package, logos, and product specifications may change without notice.

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The popular sci-fi manga series Knights of Sidonia running in Monthly Afternoon (Kodansha) will be getting a long-awaited TV anime release in April!!

Made with supervision from the original author and illustrator Tsutomu Nihei, Kotobukiya is proud to present the plastic model of TSUGUMORI, the Garde produced by Toa Heavy Industries and piloted by protagonist Nagate Tanikaze!

Tsutomu Nihei himself created the plastic model design for the kit in three newly created illustrations while referencing the original test model artwork.

The Heigus Particle Cannon on the model’s head, boosters on its back, and anchors on its feet are articulated, allowing you to recreate scenes from the series.

The Garde’s main weapon, the Kabizashi spear, is also included.
The arm-mounted Artificial Retractable Kabizashi can be extended and also swapped out.
The arm-mounted cutter can also be recreated by exchanging parts.

Users can also recreate the quadrupedal mode that has yet to be seen in the series.

Additionally, wrist parts to recreate the Garde’s characteristic clasp formation, or “shoui,” for two models or three models are also included.
If multiple kits are purchased, the Type 17 Garde’s official shoui clasp formation can be recreated.

Finally, the kit includes decals for protagonist Nagate’s signature “704” numbering and TSUGUMORI’s red line.

Experience the world of Knights of Sidonia that is sure to rise in popularity!

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