Nuke Matrix RABBIT Remote Attack Battle Base Info Tactician

Nuke Matrix

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Nuke Matrix F.O.X. Long Range Striker Unit Vivienne is sold separately

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After receiving numerous positive feedback for Sniper Vivienne, Nuke Matrix is releasing Lirly Bell, the support tactician of Team Cyber Forest.

A rabbit and a fox, prey and predator working together? Is there such a thing? Don't underestimate this deadly duo!

Vivienne and Lirly Bell are long time combat partners, with Lilry being assigned as Vivienne's main support for difficult missions. When she's not on duty, Lirly is a quirky girl and is obsessed with anything pink or cute. Despite this, she is considered one of the most reliable partners on the battlefield by Vivienne.

Lilry comes with multiple accessories:

Her tactical information backpack can be deployed into a front projection holographic system, allowing her to provide assistance by locating potential threats on the battlefield as well as the status and vitals of her partner Vivienne.

Her main combat accessories are her light pistol, EMP carrot grenade and short range missiles.

 In both solo and party missions, Lilry's personal partner is her all terrain drone. It acts as her primary scouting unit and doubles up as a power amplifier for Vivienne's cross weapon. To unleash the full power of the Vivienne, her weapon taps into the power from Lirly's drone to create powerful long-ranged blasts of pure ion energy.  In addition to her primary armor, Lilry comes with robotic abdomen and limb options for a more robotic look

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