Snail Shell 1/12 Punishing Gray Raven Rosetta Action Figure

Snail Shell

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Popular maker Snail Shell brings us a 1/12 scale action figure of Rosetta: Rigor from "Punishing: Gray Raven"! Experience the thrill of the game with their high-quality product, specially crafted for collectors and enthusiasts.

The main body can transform from a humanoid structure to a horse-type unit, offering versatile display options.

Equipped with wing-like high-frequency electromagnetic levitation devices, you can recreate high-speed charging attack scenes with ease.

The horse-type unit is faithfully reproduced based on reference materials.

Comes with three sets of fully articulated eye gimmick face parts (normal, smiling, angry) to bring out the character's expressions.

The torso showcases distinct mechanical design, with 39 points of articulation distributed throughout the body.

The chest, waist, and abdomen feature a quadruple-joint structure, ensuring a wide range of dynamic poses.

Each body part is meticulously painted with a gradient from light purple to dark purple, with the machine markings reproduced using tampography printing.

Includes one set of weapons for the humanoid and horse-type forms.

Features interchangeable parts to replicate the shooting stance of the "Gungnir" weapon in the humanoid form. The shield can also transform and combine.

The wing effect parts utilize fluorescent material, emitting a captivating glow under blacklight.

The cables for the humanoid and horse-type units are made of flexible wires, allowing for customizable shapes.

Product Details:

Product Size: 1/12 scale, approximately 180mm in height (measured to the top of the head)

Specifications: PVC/ABS/POM/Alloy fully painted and articulated figure

Included Accessories:

  • Figure body x 1
  • Detachable horse-type unit x 1
  • Interchangeable hip part x 1
  • Fully articulated eye gimmick face parts x 3 (normal, smiling, angry, including the part already attached to the main body)
  • Mini tool for changing eye direction x 1
  • Interchangeable arm armor parts x 2
  • Shield attachment parts x 1
  • Spear for humanoid form x 1
  • Shield for horse-type form x 1
  • "Gungnir" weapon x 1
  • Interchangeable parts to recreate the deployed state of "Gungnir" x 1
  • Attachment parts for spear-shield combination x 1
  • Attachment parts for "Gungnir" weapon x 1
  • Shield for humanoid form (transformable and combinable) x 1
  • Interchangeable hand parts (normal x 2, open hand x 2, gripping hand x 2, weapon-holding hand x 2, including parts already attached to the main body)
  • High-frequency electromagnetic levitation devices x 2
  • Light wing effect parts x 2
  • Detachable cables for the humanoid unit's back x 5
  • Clear display base x 1
  • Support pole x 1
  • Clip x 1

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