Tindalos Megami Device Metal Hip Joint 2.0(Set of two) Expansion Pelvic Unit


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3rd party metal replacement hip joint for Megami Device plastic model kits from Kotobukiya

This item is the authentic metal part directly from the Japanese studio Tindalos. No assemble is required.

This is the replacement part for Megami Devices' standard body, ideal for improving articulation in the crotch area or replacing damaged joint.

It is made of brass and able to withstand a large load even with a thin shaft. Brass is about 5 to 10 times stronger than the various engineering plastics (POM, ABS) used in standard plastic models.

If the joint part is too tight, please apply silicone grease to the contact surface or adjust by passing a pin vise through the hole side. If the joints are loose, apply a matt varnish to the gap to adjust the friction.  

This product cannot be used for the models that use the small body (i.e. Aika and Ichijo) with different joint structure.


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