Bandai Entry Grade 1/144 Build Strike Exceed Galaxy Model Kit


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Action Base is sold separately
Only one set of "Bandai Entry Grade 1/144 Build Strike Exceed Galaxy Model Kit" is included

Scheduled for release in October 2023, from the 10th-anniversary commemorative video of the "Gundam Build Series," "Gundam Build Metaverse," a new model of the highly popular mobile suit "Build Strike," known as one of the series' top units, makes its appearance in an ENTRY GRADE with the concept of "easy assembly × high quality"!

  • No need for stickers! Thanks to refined parts separation, even color details can be reproduced simply by assembling.
  • Outstanding articulation with a reduced number of parts! Allows for freely customizable posing.
  • Touch gate design allows for easy removal without the need for nippers.
  • Equipped with hard points in various locations, enabling diverse Gunpla customization.
  • The included boosters can be attached to the arms and legs.

Included Items:
  • Shield × 1
  • Beam Rifle × 1
  • Sword Effect × 1
  • Booster × 1
  • Joint Parts × 1 set

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