Bandai HG Battlogue 1/144 Gundam Perfect Strike Freedom


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Gundam Perfect Strike Freedom is a customized MS that adds elements from the Perfect Strike Gundam.

The backpack is the Aile Strike equipped with eight dragoons

Anti-Ship Sword ""Schwert Gewehr"" and Hyper Impulse Cannon ""Agni"" can be connected and arranged into two forms of armament.

The claw firing gimmick from the rocket anchor [Panzer Eisen] in the left shoulder is reproduced using a lead wire.

Beam parts can be attached to the left forearm.

In addition to the combo weapon pod on the right shoulder, the whole body is equipped with a number of armaments derived from Perfect Strike Gundam.

  • Beam effects ×1 set
  • Beam Shield effect ×1
  • Anti-Ship Sword ""Schwert Gewehr"" ×1
  • Hyper Impulse Cannon ""Agni"" ×1
  • Wire ×1
  • Foil stickers ×1
  • Hand parts ×1 set

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