Bandai HGCE 1/144 NOG-M1A1 Black Knight Squad Shi-ve.A Model Kit


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Action Base Sold Separately

"BLACK KNIGHT SQUAD Shi-ve.A" from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM" will be released from HG series!

SEED Action System has been implemented which is specialized to recreate iconic action poses from the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" series.

The shield’s launched state is recareadted by rearranging parts. A wires is included to recreate the shield’s launched state.

It’s possible to recreate scenes from the movie by opening and closing the chest armor parts.

The beam cape is made of soft material with gradient print.

Three beam sabers are included.Twin beam sabers and sabers can be equipped in both hands by connecting the beam sabers.

Effect parts that can be attached to the toes are included.

Detailed color-coding of parts by molding colors provides a satisfying finish just by assembling.


  • Sword ×1
  • Shield ×1
  • Beam Sabers ×3
  • Effect parts ×1 set
  • Joint parts ×1 set
  • Clear sheet ×1
  • Wire ×1
  • Stickers ×1

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