Bandai HGUC 1/144 Blue Destiny Unit 2 (EXAM) Model Kit


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Action Base sold separately

The Blue Destiny Unit 2, the main mobile suit from "Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden: The Blue Destiny", is now available as a new HG!

In addition to the Gundam type head, the space backpack, beam rifle, and shield have been newly sculpted, and the space backpack is designed to be attached over the same type of backpack as the Blue Destiny Unit 1.

Two types of shoulder armor are included, one red and the other blue, allowing you to choose between the red shoulder to recreate the Nimbus machine, or the blue shoulder to recreate the Federation machine before it was stolen!

Twin camera is selectable, can reproduce the normal state and EXAM system activation state!

100mm machine gun × 1
Shield × 1
Beam saber × 2
Beam Rifle x1
Backpack for Space x1
Shoulder Part for Nimbus 

BAS2379387 Bandai HGUC 1/144 Blue Destiny Unit 2 (EXAM) Model Kit

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