Bandai Kamen Rider Figure-rise Standard Mask Rider Kiva Kiva Form Model Kit


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Kamen Rider Kiva is the final entry in Bandai's "Heisei Rider Project" in their "Figure-Rise Standard" action figure model kit lineup! In order to recreate Kiva's unique poses, the movable axes of the waist and hip joints have been rebuilt. By moving the exterior of the waist in conjunction with the internal parts of the hip joint, a wide range of movement is achieved in the legs. The suit features a mirror polish and extra finish, with the entire body's details expressed by varying the roughness of the surface. The chains attached to the body armor are separate parts for a heightened sense of realism; you can also reproduce the Hell's Gate open state of the right leg with parts replacement. The Kivat Bat III can be attached and detached from the belt, and a special base is included to display it floating. A variety of interchangeable hands and a Figure-Rise Effect base are included too.


Hell's Gate open right leg replacement parts (x1 set)

Fuestle (x1 set)
Interchangeable hands (x1 set)
Connection joint parts
Figure-Rise Effect base
Kivat Bat III base
Stickers (x1 set)

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