Bandai RG 1/144 OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon Model Kit


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From "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing," the "Gundam Epion" has been made into a completely new RG model! It features new articulation mechanisms optimized for wielding the beam sword with strength and a natural feel. The design incorporates an RG original arrangement inspired by a winged dragon.

Key features include:

  • The torso features a 2-axis + 1-axis swinging articulation and forward abdominal movement to enhance flexibility during forward bending.
  • Lock mechanisms in the hip joints enable both transformation and articulation, allowing for robust and extensive swinging movements.
  • Additional articulation axes on the wrist's upper section and forearm roll articulation provide a wide range of expressive poses.
  • The shoulder armor deploys, allowing the arms to be raised while keeping the shoulder position intact, accommodating powerful poses of wielding the beam sword with both hands.
  • The blade follows the knee's movement, allowing for a natural kneeling pose.
  • The wing sections are linked to the wing's articulation, with a base axis movement for adjusting the wing's height.
  • In MA (Mobile Armor) mode, the horn and mouth can open for expressive displays.
  • The shin incorporates a pull-out ball joint for flexible neck movement, and the thigh's articulation axis provides supple neck movement like that of a winged dragon.
  • The Heat Rod features an Advanced MS Joint for sharp form and spiral-like articulation, reminiscent of a sword.
  • A lead wire is used for the cable connecting the beam sword and mount latch.

Included Accessories:

  • Beam Sword x1
  • Beam Sword Holder x1
  • Shield x1
  • Heat Rod x1
  • Hand Parts x1 set
  • Display Joints x2 types (for MS and MA modes)
  • Lead Wire x1
  • Realistic Decals x1

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